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Mar 31 2008

Baby Lipscomb

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100_1862.JPG Phone rings Friday evening 9:30pm 3/28….”Hey Dan, it’s Hollis. Jen asked me to call to let you know she was not going to show for the Highlands Trainer tomorrow morning. We’ve been here at the hospital since 1:30 and it looks like this baby on the way.” Reply, “Ok Hollis, that’s a pretty good excuse. Be well and have fun, and tell Jen we’ll be talking about her for not showing up tomorrow morning.”

So on March 29 at 1:58am Daniel Ryan Lipscomb finally made his way into the world to joyful parents. Jennifer and Hollis, and now Daniel have an unusual relationship to the Highlands Sky. In the spring of 2003 Jennifer had recently moved back to WV. She met up with the fledgling WVMTR and volunteered to help with the first Highlands Sky Trail Run. At her assigned Aid Station 2 location in the wilds of Roaring Plains who should be there but Hollis, paramedic with the Tucker County EMS. The rest is their history. Welcome Daniel Lipscomb, future paramedic runner!


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Mar 30 2008

Highlands Sky 40M Trail Run

June 14, 2008
6:00 am

The West Virginia Mountain Trail Runners present the 6th annual Highlands Sky Trail Run.Bradley Mongold

The event is centered at the Canaan Valley Resort State Park. The point to point course traverses Dolly Sods and Canaan Valley through some of the most rugged and beautiful terrain in West Virginia. Dolly Sods is an area of high elevation, windswept plains ranging from 2500 to 4700 feet elevation. Trail terrain varies from woodland paths, rock and boulder, to upland bogs, through northern hardwoods at lower elevations, to Red Spruce and heath barrens above 4000 feet. Canaan is the highest large valley east of the Mississippi. The Valley creates the headwaters of the Blackwater River and has a unique environment composed of wetlands and uplands with vegetation characteristic of more northern latitudes. WVMTR is a permittee of the Monongahela National Forest.

Complete information can be found at the Highlands Sky 40M Trail Run site.

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Mar 30 2008

Post Procedure

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Once you have established site access by contacting Todd or Lehmann, when you Login you will see the Site Admin link under Tools on the lower right. Click on Site Admin and the Dashboard will open. Go to Profile and under Personal Options at the bottom check the box Use the visual rich editor.

Go back to Dashboard and click Write a post. Start with just some text. You can experiment later with entering photos and links. Don’t worry about the seven blue option bars on the right for now.

When you are satisfied with your post scroll down and hit Save. It will be reviewed and posted to the website Club News page soon.

UPDATE: If you register using a address you will not get a password mailed to you. Use a different email address or email Dan T. and he will reset your password for you.

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Mar 30 2008

How to use this new WVMTR site…

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Are you having trouble wrapping your head around WVMTR’s new website? What is this interactive stuff anyway? It is really not new. We have been doing this since the beginning with the Yahoo Newsgroup and email. This site just pulls it together. Do you have something that is newsworthy or do you want to congratulate another runner on a job well done? Then post it here on the “Club News” page. When club members register on this site they can have access to post articles and comment on other article on the site. Want to invite a group to run with you in the New River Gorge – POST IT! Want to tell people about your encounter with a bear at Dolly Sods – POST IT! Maybe you think what you have to say is too boring. Not so, we would love to read what you have to say.

Anyone can register as a subscriber, but if you want to add to the site just contact Daniel Todd or Dan Lehmann.

How is anyone going to know that I wrote something? How is this site different from the old site? It uses RSS or Really Simple Syndication move new content directly to you. What is RSS and how does it work? Watch this video called RSS in Plain English by The Common Craft Show:

Now new posts and comments can come directly to you. Here are some sites that I use RSS to enjoy – The WV Hot Dog Blog and Rick Lee’s Photos.

Welcome to the site…

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Mar 26 2008

Is it spring yet?

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Seneca Rocks

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