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Jul 21 2008

Rattlesnake 50k – Dennis Hamrick RD

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The 14th Rattlesnake Trail 50k was run Saturday July 12, 2008. Under ideal conditions, the course is tough. Under the conditions we had for the race, it was brutal but fun. That’s right. Ultra runners are a sick bunch. If it was cool, overcast and breezy it would be a 10k! So much for the theory of slower times going hand in hand with high temperatures. Continue Reading »

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Jul 20 2008

Big Bear Lake 12 Hour Race

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The 2nd annual BBL 12 Hr was a lot more fun than I thought it might be. On first wash the notion of running 6.4 miles of single track, then sitting around as your team members took their much anticipated turn, seemed like it might be a recipe for a long day. But that was not the case at all! In between cheering in your own teammates and other participants, there was time for mtbiking, swimming, socializing, eating, or even taking a nap.

Team Mons Cursor

Corey LeBrasseur, Heidi Everson, Dan Lehmann,
Chrissy Paulson and Charlie Shaffer

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Jul 18 2008

Rattlesnake Trail 50k

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The 14th running of the RTR on Saturday July 12 was a hot one in more than just temperature and humidity. Even though the air was thick and breezes sparse on the steep climbs of the later part of the course it did not stop Jonathan Basham from setting a course record of 3:59:44. Nick Whited and Paul Potporti rounded out the top three guys. Jenny Anderson (3rd at Highlands Sky last month) took first women running 4:49:30 with Krista Meisch and Robin Weiner filling the top three gals spots.

This was my first ultra in 1999 so it holds a special spot, especially the killer climb up No. 1 Store Hollow following aid station #7! The single track trails are plentiful and the few ridge roads offer some wind and easier running. But don’t become too complacent and miss those turns back into the woods like some of us did. Thanks Dennis and Mary Ann and all the volunteers for your efforts. Continue Reading »

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Jul 17 2008

Quality Single Track Trails Bulldozed at Coonskin Park

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Patriot TrailIf you are a member of WVMTR or read this site it is because you like trails. We all can agree that trails are as different as their uses.  There are rail trails for walking and biking. There are single track trails for hiking, running and mountain biking.  We search for these trails out and use them in different ways.  When we find a nice section of single track trail we cherish and use it often.

Two such trails were recently destroyed by park officials in Kanawha County’s Coonskin Park.  The Pine Trail and the Patriot Trail were both bulldozed and made 8 foot wide.  A long time trail runner and member, Joni Adams worked ten years to carve the Patriot Trail out of the forest at Coonskin.  Then with little warning it was undone in a mater of a few days.  Park Official put an legal ad in the paper and posted information at the clubhouse about their plans.  Users of the trails don’t use the club house and a ad in the paper fails to provide adequate information in today’s internet age. Continue Reading »

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Jul 17 2008

Another Course Record

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Kyle Skaggs shattered the Hardrock 100 course record by 3 hours this past weekend to be the first sub-24 hr runner on the course. He finished in 23:23:30.

This article quotes the race director saying that the first 10 years the race was run, they thought a sub-30 hour time was impossible. Just goes to show what runners will manage if you tell them something is impossible. Full article here >>

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