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Jan 29 2010

Baby Lipscomb

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Sarah Ashley was 7 lbs 5 ozs when she arrived on Mon, Jan 25th. She’s looking forward to running with her Mommy and Mommy’s friends. We’re doing well and resting.

Her brother, Daniel, shows off his new sister.

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Jan 25 2010

White Grass 5k Snowshoe Race

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Adam Casseday and Katie Wolpert took top honors at yesterday’s race in Canaan Valley.

Click here for the results, and then over here for the snowy photos.

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Jan 23 2010

Post Frozen Sasquatch

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So Cracker’s Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey is playing in the other room and the frozen coolers from the first Frozen Sasquatch have finally thawed so I guess it’s time to clean them up and douse them with the mandatory 50% chlorine solution…….i love the smell of chlorine in the evening.

Yes indeed Mike and Ashley Dolin did a most excellent job with this their first Race Directorship. Mike I know you were the RD, but I know how it goes and Ash helped a ton.

We had fun running, as we runners always do, while the folks at the aid stations worked to provide us with what we needed. A belated thanks to you vols, especially you Sarah for trying to thaw water for us.

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Jan 18 2010

Shirt Off Your Back at Highlands Sky

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Hey runners, give the Shirt Off Your Back


 Check out the new Shirt Off Your Back campaign at Highlands Sky 2010

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Jan 13 2010

Great Deal

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The Wilderness Company, one of our club affiliates, is offering an incredible deal on a woman’s Golite hydration pack for $30. Last one in stock. It will probably go today. Check it out here.

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