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Feb 23 2010

Morgantown Adventure Sports Series

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Morgantown Adventure Sports Series

Presented by the WVU College of Physical Activity and Sports Science this new series of outdoor events begins in April and goes through October. Do one or do them all!

While some of the running events are just long enough to get loosened up, mix it up with a little two wheel action and it looks like fun. For complete details and contact information go to MASS




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Feb 15 2010

Run 2/20

Want to break the cabin fever and get in a good long run?  Well if so, come join me and Dan this Saturday (2/20) for a 20-25 mile run on some snow-covered roads around Beverly.  We’ll start at my house around 9 am and if you’re interested in this fun run, just drop me an e-mail (

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Feb 09 2010

Pub Run Postponed

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It is with great regret and a level of logic I usually do not display that I must call off the Pub Run for this Saturday. I just spoke to Randy who laid out the courses and Willie who runs the pub and they both said running would be near impossible. Who says knee-deep, heavy snow is impossible . . . even if another 12-16 inches is coming tomorrow. It is unfortunate but the smart thing is to stay close to home a have fun there.

I will reschedule this fun event and let you all know the date.

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Feb 03 2010

WV Trilogy

October 8, 2010
7:00 am

Little Seneca Creek: Oil Painting by Kadra Casseday

Presenting the WV Trilogy; a run of days across the Eastern Continental Divide and West Virginia’s highest hill, Spruce Knob.  This new WVMTR club sponsored event will consist of a 50K on Day 1, 50M on Day 2, and Half Marathon on Day 3.  Nestled among the the mystical highlands is The Mountain Institute, which will serve as the race headquarters.  This race will be a very special event for all involved.  Be sure not to miss out (we are only accepting 100 runners) on running and/or volunteering.  For complete information, please visit the WV Trilogy website.

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Feb 03 2010

Barefoot vs Shod Running

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Some more interesting reading on the habitually barefoot or shodfoot running story you may find interesting;

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