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May 02 2010

Highlands Sky Trail Work Day

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The Motley Trail Crew


It was a beautiful day in the WV Highlands yesterday to do some trail maintenance.  Since several of the trails that make up the Highlands Sky course are part of designated Wilderness, it was hand tools only for this hearty crew.  Don’t let the little ones in the picture fool you.  We start them out young in the WVMTR club with trail work and even earlier with trail running. . .

Flatrock Trail Crosscut Video

(A few more pics below the fold)

View from the Roaring Plains Tr.


Flatrock Trail: No nettles. . . yet!

A small sample of the many ramps

Some ramps up close and personal: Smell?

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  • Dan Lehmann says:

    In addition to this “Motley” bunch there were two more crews on Boars Nest and South Prong Trails getting things in shape. Thanks everybody.

  • Rick Gray says:

    Thank you everyone. I certainly appreciate your hard work, but if you can get rid of the nettles, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Rick

    • Adam Casseday says:

      I wanted to pack a scythe, but Lehmann vetoed the plan. He said it was “unnecessary”, but he made room in his pack for Miracle Grow (Special Stinging Nettle Formula).

  • Paula says:

    Thanks for all the work. Sorry we couldn’t be there.

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