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Jun 22 2010

Highlands Sky Results, Reports and Photos

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All information about this years Highlands Sky Trail Run can be found on its event page.

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Jun 17 2010

Highlands Sky Video

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Well, in case you aren’t, and need some help getting fired up. Or in case you are, and can’t think about anything else right now, check out this video Joel just made for Running Times about our very own Highlands Sky. You’ll recognize all the stars of the video:

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Jun 16 2010

Sasquatch may not be frozen now but…..

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It may be hard to imagine running through the snow on a 90 degree day, but

registration for the 2nd annual Frozen Sasquatch Trail 50k/25k is set for July 1st.  The race is at Kanawha State Forest near Charleston, WV on January 8th, 2011.  Check the above link for more details.

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Jun 14 2010

No Soup for You!! Laurel Highlands Ultra Report

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Race morning was a bit foggy and warm. Weather forecast called for temps in the 75-85 range, with a 50% chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Race start seemed to go off right on time. Rick Freeman, Race Director, had warned us if the train was approaching Ohiopyle, less than 1/2 mile from the race start, we would have to wait. It was rather funny to hear a train come through just minutes after most of us crossed the very active rail line.
The fun at the Laurel Highlands Ultra race starts almost immediately-a climb. With over 100 runners registered, it was already a move a foot and stop. But then the trail opens up and it is runnable.
For most. Within a half mile, I try to speed up a bit and WHUMP! down I go-hard. Both knees, right elbow, right palm. Left hand was carrying a handheld water bottle, so was spared. Embarrassed, I spring up. It’s not worth the time to try and clean up the dirt out of the blood.
The first challenge of the course is the 2 mile climb out of mile 6. I had a mini goal of not getting passed through here, and I achieved that. I also passed people. I had my “up” switch going and was in a rhythm, and didn’t want to get sucked into anyone else’s pace. Before long, we were done! with “one” of the worst climbs.
Usually I am rewarded with a nice breeze up around mile 9. Not so much this day. It’s just hot and humid. The first water stop is at mile 12.
The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail is rather unique in that there is permanent cement mile markers, every mile. While that may play with some runner’s heads, I found it valuable to know exactly how far out I was from the next aid station, and tried to conserve the water. Continue Reading »

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Jun 03 2010

Running Times

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Dirty Dog 15k made the front page of Running Times Online. Of course it helps tha WVMTRer’s Katie Wolpert is webmaster and Joel contributes to the site.  Check it out HERE. Keep up the good work Dan and Tracy Todd.

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