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Dec 25 2011

Merry Christmas- Give the gift of volunteering at F.S. Trail Race.

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 Hope everyone is having some Happy Holidays. With the Frozen Sasquatch Trail 50k/25k only two weeks away, The Sasquatch is asking for some volunteers to help with the race.  We need aid station workers, coffee makers, Hot Chocolate makers, soup stirrers, BBQ testers, time recorders, bib # checker offers, firewood restockers, course sweepers, and anyone else who wants to come hang out.

Just give that Dolin feller a shout or email, info can be found here.

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Dec 14 2011

The Pub Run

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February 11, 2012
9:00 am

Only the hearty roll out for this one. A small group last February, but there have been years with 25 or more. Check out details here, then mark the date on your calendar. It will break those mid-winter blues!

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Nov 28 2011

Highlands Sky Trainer #1

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March 31, 2012
8:00 am

Highlands Trainer 2011

There will be a training run on the first half of the course on Saturday March 31, 2012. Hopefully we won’t see weather like last year’s freak storm.

Meet at the Laneville Start at 8:00am. The first half loop will be 21 miles, or choose to bail at the 14 mile option. For directions to the start go to the Highlands Details page HERE.

Please let me know if you are coming. Lehmann

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Nov 22 2011

Warm and Sunny at Frozen Sasquatch training run????

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 We had about a dozen runners show up for the 3rd annual Frozen Sasquatch Training run. The weather was in the 60’s and not a snowflake in sight! We even had an aid station with snicker bars, water, HEED, and banana nut bread, and a fire in the fireplace. Thanks to the Yarborough family for being an aid station at mile 8.5.


Sidenote: The last two training runs have been 60-70 degrees and sunny, only to find race day in the twenties with snow……Is this a sign of whats to come??? :)

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Oct 31 2011

WVMTR Annual Meeting

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January 14, 2012
10:00 am

Mark your calendar for the the second Saturday in January. This will be our 10th, a long trail since that snowy January in 2003 when six met to form this organization. We’ll have a morning run, lunch and meeting in Helvetia.

Bring your cold weather running gear, good spirit, and something for the lunch table. There is plenty of floor space for over-nighters. Let me know if you are coming so I can have a food and beverage head count.

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