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Jan 31 2011

Full-contact running

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A couple of us got out for some laps at Audra State Park on Friday night. While we were certainly the only humans to pass the trails since the last big dump, we were far from the only mammals. It was more deer trail than human that night.

The rhododendron leaves were hugging themselves against the chill and the weight of snow. Surprisingly, the footing was good and we didn’t sink in much. But the running was more like football, the rhodies were out to get us. This technique worked pretty well: look up ahead, assess the fortitude of the coming thicket, tuck chin to chest, barrel through, shake off the snow. By the end we were one bloody nose and one torn set of microspikes. Good times.

A good way to spend a Friday night.

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Jan 26 2011

Logar Running Arrowhead 135

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John Logar left the cold, snowy hills of Tucker County today for the way cold, snowy land of northern Minnesota. John and Jody are in route now to International Falls for the Arrowhead 135. Racers start from IF at 7:00am Monday January 31, where average temps will be in the -20 range, and have 60 hours to reach the finish at Lake Vermillion. Participants enter choosing their means of “propulsion”; run, bike or ski. John will be running and towing a custom aluminum sled. No aid, no crew, no pacers, you must carry all your supplies including an extensive list of required gear.

We wish you a great adventure John and we’ll be tracking you along the way.   You can do this and read all about this wild race at Arrowhead 135.

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Jan 24 2011

White Grass 5k Snowshoe Race

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Race results and photos HERE

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Jan 20 2011

Annual Meeting: Part Three

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The last post to this fun weekend. We actually ran, had a eclectic meal including Timber Rattler hors d’oeuvres and still managed to have a productive meeting. Minutes are posted on Members page. Here are a few more Photos.

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Jan 18 2011

Annual Meeting: Part Two

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Not only were there good times in running and sledding…

wvmtr annual party from Joel Wolpert on Vimeo.

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