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Feb 02 2011

Logar Finishes Arrowhead

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Arrowhead Course: from race website

John Logar finished the arduous Arrowhead 135 today in N. MN.  John earned an impressive third place finish in a time of 49:41. 

Way to go Logar! . . . now it’s time to thaw out!

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  • Lori D. says:


  • john logar says:

    cold out there…30ish to 40ish below both nights with a 30% finish rate for runners. finished without injuries and still processing the event. trying to keep the food and fluids going in these next couple of days. thanks for all the support!

    • Hillbilly says:

      30 below for real? that’s just torture man . . torture. . . Don’t know how you survived. You are one tough cookie. Congratulations.

  • Mark thorne says:

    Way to go, Logar! Were there any bra & panties men on the course with pizza?

  • Dolin says:

    Nice job Logar. I was thinking which would be tougher, 135 miles in the frozen Northwest with 40 below temps, or 135 miles through death valley for the Badwater, I came to the conclusion that Both are too hardcore for me to even fathom. I can’t wait to hear some of stories from this race, Logar, are you doing the trilogy again? If so i’ll see ya there.

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