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Apr 03 2011

Highlands Trainer #1 April 2, 2011

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20 Fearless Runners Laugh At Cruel April Fools Joke

(20 Runners Lacking Common Sense Enjoy Run/Walk in Blizzard)

The day ended Friday, April 1, with only remnant patches of snow across Canaan Valley. Then after dark that old Fool slipped in with 6″ of spring wonder. But plans were made, folks were en route so why not run. Heck, how bad could it be? At the appointed start time, a leisurely 8:00am, only seven runners had shown up. We waited till 8:15, took the traditional photo in front of the brown shed behind the Laneville Wildlife Cabin and were about to head out for Roaring Plains when in rolled five more carloads.

To say the next 5 1/2 hours were quality running would be an exaggeration. But from 2500′ and 2″ along Red Creek to 4700′ and 16″ of wind driven snow on Roaring Plains we shared a lot of laughs.

All I could say is that it will be different in June, and remember Emil Zatopek’s words, “There is a great advantage in training under unfavorable conditions”.

Many of us ended the day in warmth and party at the Volunteer Recognition gathering at MSB. More on that coming soon.

Photos and Video Dan Lehmann
Photos Michelle Price
Photos Mike Dolin

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