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Minutes Annual Meeting January 9, 2010
Annual Letter December 2009
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WVMTR Bylaws as amended January 10, 2009
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WVMTR Membership List

Below is your 2014 membership status. C indicates dues are current for the year indicated. L indicates lifetime member.

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Joni Adams C Elkview WV
Roger Arthur C RedHouse WV
Jean Arthur C RedHouse WV
Olivia Arthur C RedHouse WV
Brett Ashley So.Charleston WV
Joshua Bach C Hurricane WV
Mike Bailey CrossLanes WV
Jason Balko C Morgantown WV
Jill Balko C Morgantown WV
Bella Balko C Morgantown WV
Sophia Balko C Morgantown WV
Ken Ballard C Charleston WV
Allison Ballard C Charleston WV
Julie Balsley C Parkersburg WV
Mary Jane Baniak L Keyser WV
Aaron Beam C Summersville WV
David Beam C Summersville WV
Laura Beam C Summersville WV
Lacey Beam C Summersville WV
Zachary Beckett Ona WV
Michael Bee Walker WV
Sarah Bee Walker WV
Mike Bennawit C NutterFort WV
Christopher Bennon C Marietta OH
Michael Bevers C Charleston WV
Steven Bianculli C Monroeville PA
Nick Billock C Rootstown OH
Michael Black Hurricane WV
Carrie Black Hurricane WV
Micayla Black Hurricane WV
Calin Black Hurricane WV
Mason Black Hurricane WV
Carl Bolyard C Elkins WV
Eli Bolyard C Elkins WV
Andrea Bond C SouthCharleston WV
Dru Bora C Hurricane WV
Vince Bowman C Harrisonburg VA
Todd Bowman Flushing OH
Greg Bridgewater C Huntington WV
Jack Broaddus Harrisonburg VA
J.L. Brown Morgantown WV
Travis Brown Morgantown WV
Harry Brunner C Charleston WV
Kate Caldwell L Fayetteville WV
Stewart Caldwell L Fayetteville WV
Megan Carroll L Bethesda MD
Kadra Casseday L Elkins WV
Adam Casseday L Elkins WV
Kristen Corris C Washington DC
Tom Corris C Washington DC
Lyle Cosner C Harrisburg PA
Joe Cross C Cumberland MD
Tim Daly L ScottDepot WV
Susan Daly L ScottDepot WV
Daughter Daly L ScottDepot WV
Daughter Daly L ScottDepot WV
Son Daly L ScottDepot WV
Billy Daly L ScottDepot WV
Daughter Daly L ScottDepot WV
Pete Daly L BrucetonMills WV
Noah DalyNichols L BrucetonMills WV
Darrel Darby L Huntington WV
Paul Davis C Shepherdstown WV
Carrie Dawson So.Charleston WV
David Dawson So.Charleston WV
Lou DeAngelo C Allison Park PA
John Dever L Annandale VA
Jill Devereux L Germantown MD
Lori DiBacco C Elkins WV
Amanda Dion L Sterling VA
Ted Diss L Germantown MD
Ashley Dolin L SouthCharleston WV
Michael Dolin L SouthCharleston WV
Charles Dollison L Charleston WV
Alan Doss L Mallory WV
Kelly Jo Drey Hilltop WV
John Edleman C Pittsburgh PA
Trevor Elliott L TakomaPark MD
Tiny Elliott Fayetteville WV
Ginny Elliott Fayetteville WV
Dave Elliott Fayetteville WV
Andy Elliott Fayetteville WV
Stanley Ennis C Bluefield WV
Austin Estep C Hurricane WV
Kristoffer Farrell L Danville WV
Stacie Farrell L Danville WV
Hannak Farrell L Danville WV
Erika Farrell L Danville WV
Amanda Farrell L Danville WV
Jamie Fields L Fayetteville WV
Eve Fingerett C Charleston WV
Jeff Fiolek C Harpers Ferry WV
Sheri Fiolek C Harpers Ferry WV
Jakson Fiolek C Harpers Ferry WV
Helen Flanagan Clarksburg WV
Kevin Fletcher C Elkview WV
Nathan Fortney C Morgantown WV
Jeffery Foster ScottDepot WV
Alicia Foster C ScottDepot WV
Henry Foster C ScottDepot WV
Stella Foster C ScottDepot WV
Jason Francis L Winfield WV
Lindsay Francis L Winfield WV
Mia Francis L Winfield WV
Jacob Francis L Winfield WV
Bill Gentry Grottoes VA
Sid Gillispie C Elkins WV
Alan Gowen L Keymar MD
Pam Gowen L Keymar MD
Jason Griffith L Keyser WV
Alexandra Griffith L Keyser WV
Jillian Griffith L Keyser WV
Meghann Griffith L Keyser WV
Bob Haithcock L Middletown NJ
Susan Hall C St.Albans WV
Bob Hammer C Beverly WV
Cindy Hammer C Beverly WV
Dennis Hamrick C Charleston WV
Paul Hamrick C Boomer WV
Kelly Harris C Lewisburg PA
Ken Hartman C CrossLanes WV
Lorrin Harvey L Germantown MD
Jodie Hayes-Spinella Ringwood NJ
Mark Heffelfinger C Somerset OH
Benjamin Heffelfinger C Somerset OH
Mark Heintzman C Sistersville WV
Jackie Heintzman C Sistersville WV
Elizabeth Hess L Bridgeport WV
Brenda Hinkle C Horner WV
Steve Hite C Buckhannon WV
Mical Honingfort C Gaithersburg MD
Paul Honingfort C Gaithersburg MD
Sally Howard Athens WV
Diana Howell C Cumberland MD
Jim Howell C Cumberland MD
Darlene Hudak C Pittsburgh PA
Ashton Hudspeth Hico WV
Jessie Hudspeth Hico WV
Beth Hudspeth Hico WV
Donnie Hudspeth Hico WV
Timothy Huguenin C Mount Hope WV
Emily Huguenin C Mount Hope WV
Geraldine Jacobson Morgantown WV
David Janosko C Mentor OH
Sarah Jarvis C Ona WV
Joseph Jarvis C Ona WV
Cameron Jarvis C Ona
Brent Jenkins Washington WV
Kate Jiggins C Somerset OH
Miranda Jiggins C Somerset OH
Brian Joly C Pittsburgh PA
Jason Jones Indianoplis IN
Heather Jones Indianoplis IN
Emmitt Jones Indianoplis IN
Brain Kane Hagerstown MD
Kevin Kauffman C Morgantown WV
Angela Kauffman C Morgantown WV
Tay Kauffman C Morgantown WV
Victoria Kendall L Arlington VA
Edward Kilcoyne L Germantown MD
Joe Kilcoyne L Germantown MD
Ashley King C ScottDepot WV
Larry Klein L Lewisburg WV
Eileen Klein L Lewisburg WV
Chris Klingler Charleston WV
Eva Marie Kratz C MtNebo WV
Mark Kratz C MtNebo WV
Malachi Kratz C MtNebo WV
Josiah Kratz C MtNebo WV
Judah Kratz C MtNebo WV
Esperanza Kratz C MtNebo WV
Shalom Kratz C MtNebo WV
Nancy Lares C Hurricane WV
William Lawrence L Morgantown WV
Brenda Lawrence L Morgantown WV
Mackenzie Lawrence L Morgantown WV
Cameron Lawrence L Morgantown WV
Corey LeBrasseur L Cloquet MN
Chrissy LeBrasseur L Cloquet MN
Willie Lehmann L Thomas WV
Dan Lehmann L Helvetia WV
Jody Lehmann L Helvetia WV
Lara Lehmann L Helvetia WV
Hollis Lipscomb L Elkins WV
Jennifer Lipscomb L Elkins WV
Daniel Lipscomb L Elkins WV
Sarah Lipscomb L Elkins WV
Sarah Litau Thomas WV
Raina Logar L Davis WV
Zanna Logar L Davis WV
John Logar L Davis WV
Jody Logar L Davis WV
Dan Long C Harrisonburg VA
Melissa Long C Harrisonburg VA
Alan Long C Charleston WV
Maria Long C Charleston WV
Forrest Long C Charleston WV
Cameron Long C Charleston WV
Kim Love-Ottobre L Newcomerstown OH
Bob Luther L Ona WV
Stacin Martin C Chesapeake VA
Brian Masney Danville PA
Simon Masney Danville PA
Tim Mayo C Charleston WV
Jenny Mayo C Charleston WV
Maddie Mayo C Charleston WV
Sydney Mayo C Charleston WV
Jackson Mayo Charleston WV
Julie Maze C Little Hocking OH
Natalie McBrayer C Scott Depot WV
Stephen McBrayer C Scott Depot WV
Ashley McBrayer C Scott Depot WV
Olivia McBrayer C Scott Depot WV
Jamie McDevitt Bridgeport WV
John McGrath Shepherdstown WV
Brian Menzies L Morgantown WV
Lila Marie Menzies L Morgantown WV
Brian Messer Charleston WV
Bruce Miller Bruceton Mills WV
Travis Miller C Horner WV
Tony Mollica C Athens OH
Bradley Mongold L FallingWaters WV
Brian Moore Scott Depot WV
Athena Moore Pittsburgh PA
Lorraine Moore C Richmond VA
Amie Murphy C Loudinville OH
Tom Neff C AllisonPark PA
Matthew Osborne C Elkins WV
Annalee Osborne C Elkins WV
Silas Osborne C Elkins WV
Lucas Osborne C Elkins WV
Michael Owen C Pomeroy OH
Bobbi Owen C Pomeroy OH
James Owens C Baltimore MD
Tim Paushel C Fairmont WV
Joseph Phillips C Morgantown WV
Adam Phillips Huntington WV
William Platt L Charleston WV
Lisa Potts L Palmyra VA
William Potts L Palmyra VA
Michelle Price L Bethesda MD
Jason Pyles C GreenBank WV
Kimberly Quedado C Morgantown WV
Jeff Quedado C Morgantown WV
Taylor Raab C Charleston WV
Jeff Ranson L Hurricane WV
Tom Rhine C Bridgeport WV
Tana Rhine C Bridgeport WV
Cory Richardson L Barboursville WV
Scott Ridenour C Fairmont WV
Mary Schmidt Danville PA
Charlie Shaffer C Morgantown WV
Jesse Shaffer C Morgantown WV
Siobhan Shaffer C Morgantown WV
Adam Shaffer C Elkins WV
Benjamin Shearer C Fairmont WV
Dave Shepard C Huttonsville WV
Steve Shipe Maurer VA
Mikala Shremshrock L Harpers Ferry WV
Bill Shultz C Charleston WV
Mary Shultz C Charleston WV
Dave Simmons Charleston WV
Mindy Simmons Charleston WV
Claudia Simmons Charleston WV
Lilly Simmons Charleston WV
Ryan Simonton C Morgantown WV
Eddie Sims C Richwood WV
Jack Slicer L So.Charleston WV
Paula Smith L Given WV
Gary Smith L Hurricane WV
Greg Smith L Given WV
Robert Smith L Huntington WV
Wesley Smittle C Morgantown WV
Anne Smittle C Morgantown WV
Charlotte Smittle C Morgantown WV
Margaret Smittle C Morgantown WV
Greg St.Clair Pittsburgh PA
Jim Stemple C Elkins WV
Danielle Stemple C StateCollege PA
Michael Stennes C GreenBank WV
Sam Stewart L Fayetteville WV
Anita Stewart L Fayetteville WV
Thomas Stewart L Fayetteville WV
Amanda Stottlemyer L So.Charleston WV
Ali Stottlemyer L So.Charleston WV
Kurt Stottlemyer L So.Charleston WV
Dennis Stottlemyer L So.Charleston WV
Mary Beth Strickler C LaVale MD
Matthew Strickler C LaVale MD
Rhonda Stricklett Westminster MD
William Stroup C Verona PA
Sarah Sturgill Hurricane WV
David Sullivan C Clarksburg WV
Bruce Tanksley C Murfreesboro TN
Merrily Taylor L Milton WV
Don Taylor C Hedgesville WV
Mark Thorne Reedsville WV
Daniel Todd C Charleston WV
Jeremy Tomblin Elkview WV
Tim Toogood L Bethel Park PA
Brent Viers C Williamstown WV
Patrick Villella Punxsutawney PA
Sally Villella Punxsutawney PA
Torrin Walters L Huntington WV
Andrew Clay Warner C Beckley WV
Caitlin Warner C Beckley WV
Bill Warner L Beckley WV
Sharon Warner L Beckley WV
Gavin Watson L EllicotCity MD
Douglas Wayne Clay WV
Robin Weiner L WestLogan WV
Larisa Wells C Elkins WV
Liz Wickline C Lewisburg WV
Fran Williams SinkingSpring PA
Elizabeth Williams SinkingSpring PA
Amanda Williams C Washington WV
Chris Williams C Washington WV
Michael Williams C Eleanor WV
Angie WilliamsDuffield C Eleanor WV
Llew WilliamsII SinkingSpring PA
Llew WilliamsIII SinkingSpring PA
Jim Wilson Fayetteville WV
Carolyn Wilson C Winchester VA
Joel Wolpert L Belington WV
Katie Wolpert L Belington WV
Oscar Wolpert L Belington WV
Dakota Wolpert L Belinton WV
James Work L Fairmont WV
Shelly Work L Fairmont WV
Jordyn Work L Fairmont WV
Jacob Work L Fairmont WV
Rick Workman L CrossLanes WV
Greg Yarborough L Winfield WV
Jeanie Yarborough L Winfield WV
TG Yarborough L Winfield WV
MaryAnn Yarborough L Pennsboro WV
Thomas Yarborough L Pennsboro WV
Matthew Yeager L Summersville WV
Michele Yeager L Summersville WV
Joe Yeager L Summersville WV
Aaron Yocum C Core WV
Sandy Yocum C Core WV
Kelley Young C Hambleton WV
Randy Young C Hambleton WV
Bill Young C Summersville WV
Hilary Young C Summersville WV
Lauren Young C Summersville WV
Lydia Young C Summersville WV
Matthew Young L Hurricane WV
Ann Marie Young L Hurricane WV
Caroline Young L Hurricane WV
Charlie Young L Hurricane WV

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