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HS40 Entrants List 2014

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As of February 15, 2014 Highlands Sky is full and registration is closed.

Registration opened January, 1, 2014

Abbe, Allison 38 FEMALE VA
Adcock, Jonathan 32 MALE VA
Adcock, Rebecca 34 FEMALE VA
Aghdam, Dan 46 MALE VA
Allen, Tracy 50 MALE OH
Anderson, Bob 67 MALE VA
Anderson, Nathan 27 MALE WV
Andrews, John 33 MALE VA
Andrews, Kevin 36 MALE WV
Ankney, James 55 MALE PA
Arnold, Thaddeus 28 MALE MD
Arroyo, Andrew 39 MALE VA
Auvil, Stephen 47 MALE MD
Bailey, Amanda 36 FEMALE WV
Ballard, Ken 40 MALE WV
Beckelhimer, Jeff 48 MALE NC
Beckett, Zachary 31 MALE WV
Bennon, Christopher 37 MALE OH
Billock, Nick 41 MALE OH
Black, Michael 41 MALE WV
Blackley, David 30 MALE WV
Brunner, Harry 65 MALE WV
Bugin, Holly 35 FEMALE VA
Bumgardner, Todd 43 MALE OH
Burt, Adam 33 MALE WV
Burt, Nicole 34 FEMALE WV
Busey, Jon 36 MALE VA
Byars, Dan 34 MALE CA
Byrnes, Kurt 50 MALE PA
Casebolt, Josh 36 MALE WV
Cataldi, Loretta 45 FEMALE VA
Childers, Jack 53 MALE WV
Coan, Dennis 30 MALE VA
Coll, Denise 53 FEMALE VA
Corell, Kevin 38 MALE VA
Corris, Kirstin 43 FEMALE DC
Corris, Thomas 61 MALE VA
Cross, Carla 34 FEMALE VA
Dangc, Sam 26 MALE VA
Dearborn, Barbara 57 FEMALE WV
Delano, Joe 35 MALE NY
Deshkulkarni, Aniruddha 35 MALE TN
D’Imperio, Trish 53 FEMALE PA
Dion, Amanda 48 FEMALE VA
Dolin, Ashley 32 FEMALE WV
Dolin, Mike 34 MALE WV
Dragun, Michelle 29 FEMALE PA
Drinkwater, Robert 56 MALE VA
Duncan, Brian 45 MALE WV
Duval, Ed 56 MALE VA
Edleman, John 62 MALE PA
Ellery, Michelle 47 FEMALE PA
Escobar, Tony 50 MALE VA
Evans, Amy 35 FEMALE WV
Evans, Billy 39 MALE VA
Falk, Daniel 35 MALE MD
Fiolek, Jeff 47 MALE WV
Fleischman, Catherine 51 FEMALE VA
Fleischman, Luke 52 MALE VA
Fluharty, Chase 42 MALE OH
Fontana, Joni 52 FEMALE MD
Fortney, Nathan 32 MALE WV
Gaigler, Melissa 34 FEMALE MD
Gaujot, Ryan 39 MALE WV
Gaylord, Robert 65 MALE VA
Gilbert, Gina 42 FEMALE VA
Gilbert, Josh 39 MALE VA
Gonzales, Frank 37 MALE VA
Good, Nicholas 30 MALE VA
Gorham, Chris 42 MALE WV
Gorham, Diana 40 FEMALE WV
Grassi, Cherry 42 FEMALE VA
Gray, Rick 53 MALE TN
Griffin, Marc 38 MALE VA
Hall, Joe 54 MALE MD
Hall, Susan 52 FEMALE WV
Hammond-Chambers, Rupert 46 MALE MD
Hamrick, Paul 31 MALE WV
Harry, Lillian 22 FEMALE VA
Hayes-Spinella, Jodie 45 FEMALE NJ
Hendren, David 33 MALE WV
Hennigan, Jim 39 MALE WV
Herring, Dave 43 MALE VA
Hess, Elizabeth 44 FEMALE WV
Hill, Adam 38 MALE ON
Hooker, Ronald 51 MALE MD
Hrach, Tiffany 35 FEMALE PA
Huffman, Larry 53 MALE VA
Huguenin, Timothy 24 MALE WV
Hurley, John 59 MALE VA
Hussey, Douglas 49 MALE WV
Jackson, Micah 34 MALE VA
Jarvis, Sarah 32 FEMALE WV
Jones, Anne 49 FEMALE WV
Jones, Jason 38 MALE IN
Karnavas, Andrew 55 MALE PA
Kassebaum, Jim 49 MALE MD
Kauffman, Kevin 39 MALE WV
Keier, Katie 44 FEMALE VA
Kelleher, Brian 46 MALE VA
Kemman, Gerald 71 MALE PA
Kennedy, George 43 MALE OH
Kennedy, Natalie 46 FEMALE VA
Kirby-Glatkowski, Phoebe 28 FEMALE VA
Koehler, Brandon 25 MALE TN
Koertje-Simin, Kathryn 43 FEMALE PA
Krause, Krystal 31 FEMALE MD
Krause, Shawn 34 MALE MD
Kull, Matt 39 MALE VA
Landes, David 40 MALE VA
Lang, mary 60 FEMALE MD
Layman, Phil 27 MALE VA
LeClare, James 52 MALE MD
Leonard, Charles 59 MALE NY
Logar, John 38 MALE WV
Luther, Bob 38 MALE WV
Lynch, Sam 27 MALE VA
Marshall, Kim 42 FEMALE PA
Martin, Kirke 40 MALE MD
Martin, Stacin 45 MALE VA
Mason, Rocky 34 MALE KY
Mauro, Anthony 72 MALE PA
Mayes, Michael 43 MALE WV
Maze, Julie 37 FEMALE OH
McBrayer, Natalie 33 FEMALE WV
McCaslin, Daniel 41 MALE PA
McCormick, Kevin 36 MALE VA
McCusker, Bridget 60 FEMALE MD
McKeown, Ed 45 MALE VA
Menzies, Brian 39 MALE WV
Merinar, Jack 51 MALE WV
Merinar, Kate 26 FEMALE WV
Miccio-Vieira, Monica 37 FEMALE VA
Miller, Garrett 29 MALE DC
Miller, Sally 50 FEMALE PA
Moore, Athena 33 FEMALE PA
Moore, Lorraine 50 FEMALE VA
Naik, Priya 30 FEMALE MD
Neff, Tom 50 MALE PA
Nelson, Martha 33 FEMALE DC
Nichols, Jennifer 35 FEMALE VA
Nickle, Elizabeth 30 FEMALE DC
Osborne, Matt 34 MALE WV
Pabian, Chris 38 MALE PA
Pace, Timothy 54 MALE PA
Pacovich, John 33 MALE DC
Paduch, Kelly 22 FEMALE VA
Page, Jen 42 FEMALE VA
Peele, Charles 28 MALE VA
Pesjak, Bernard 45 MALE VA
Petrie, Ragan 48 FEMALE VA
Peyton, Mark 40 MALE WV
Phillips, Jack 43 MALE WV
Phillips, Joseph 42 MALE PA
Pitts-Kiefer, Samantha 36 FEMALE VA
Portaro, Joseph 48 MALE WV
Price, Michelle 47 FEMALE MD
Prineas, Matthew 49 MALE MD
Pritchard, Angie 37 FEMALE VA
Rader, Gerald 21 MALE WV
Ramsey, Jeremy 38 MALE VA
Raymond, Mario 42 MALE MD
Redden, Jeff 50 MALE WV
Reeb, PJ 34 MALE OH
Reed, Jake 26 MALE VA
Rhine, Tom 46 MALE WV
Rogers, Christiann 54 FEMALE VA
Rousseaux, Charles 43 MALE DC
Santangelo, Joe 40 MALE MI
Schneble, Patrick 37 MALE WV
Schwartzbard, Aaron 36 MALE DC
Sexton, Dru 62 FEMALE VA
Shepard, Dave 43 MALE WV
Sholes, Kenneth 30 MALE VA
Simmons, Christopher 25 MALE WV
Sirney, Alex 29 MALE VA
Slover, Michael 42 MALE WV
Smith, Gary 60 MALE WV
Smith, Robert 36 MALE WV
Sobolewski, Brian 40 MALE VA
Stanley, Ann 38 FEMALE VA
Stemple, Danielle 28 FEMALE PA
Stewart, Dan 60 MALE KY
Sullivan, Keith 39 MALE VA
Sullivan, Sean 34 MALE WV
Summerlin, Jamie 41 MALE WV
Swift, Harry 66 MALE PA
Swyers, Brenton 26 MALE VA
Swyers, Jamie 25 FEMALE VA
Sylvester, John 47 MALE PA
Sylvester, Nathan 29 MALE PA
Taylor, Walker 34 MALE VA
Tennant, Kara 34 FEMALE VA
Thomas, Alexis 31 FEMALE VA
Thomas, Kim 36 FEMALE OH
Thompson, Clinton 37 MALE DC
Tighe, Jarett 46 MALE VA
Tweedie, Bruce 52 MALE VA
Van Orman, James 44 MALE OH
Wadlington, Josh 34 MALE VA
Waite, John 35 MALE VA
Wales, Jeff 42 MALE NC
Warner, Lucas 24 MALE WV
Warrick, John 64 MALE PA
Washburn, Jonathan 31 MALE VA
Whitfield, Geoffrey 36 MALE GA
Whitlock, Jordan 26 MALE VA
Wiegand, Megan 29 FEMALE DC
Williams, Amanda 41 FEMALE WV
Williams, Bethany 24 FEMALE VA
Williams, Caroline 52 FEMALE VA
Williams, Chris 40 MALE WV
Williams, Clifton 26 MALE VA
Willoughby, Mark 43 MALE PA
Wolbert, Steven 28 MALE VA
Woodard, David 49 MALE NC
Woodrick, Todd 45 MALE VA
Workman, Rick 63 MALE WV
Wright, Robert 47 MALE OH
Yeager, Matt 47 MALE WV
Yocum, Aaron 49 MALE WV
Yocum, Sandy 53 FEMALE WV
Young, Bill 47 MALE WV
Young, Matthew 39 MALE WV
Young, Randy 55 MALE WV

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