West Virginia Trilogy

Spruce Knob – Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area
Circleville, WV
October 12th-14th, 2018


DANG, hard to believe we’ve been doing thing and you’ve been running this thing for 8 years. When it’s fun, time disappears. This will be #9, a good number in my book. 3’s and 9’s for sure. So registration opens Feb. 2nd Groundhog Day. Registration is online . Participants may register for the complete Trilogy or any one (or multiple) of the individual races. The complete Trilogy is limited to 100 participants. All participants must be 18 years of age or older. Registration closes for the Trilogy, the Individual 50k and 50M races on September 14th, 2018. Registration for the Half Marathon closes October 8th, 2018, but race day registration is available. A refund of the registration price minus $10 is available until August 24th, 2018. Please do not ask after this date.

The Run for the Hills 5k traverses the hilly meadows of the Spruce Knob Mountain Center. It is on Sunday of the Trilogy and starts simultaneously with with the Half Marathon. There is no limit to the number of participants for the 5k. Preregistration is online at RunSignUp, by print, and also available on race day. Preregistration closes October 8th, 2018, but race day registration is available.

Price Registration Dates
Trilogy 50k 50M HM 5k From Until
$175 $65 $85 $45 $30 Feb. 2nd, 2018 Aug. 24th, 2018
$200 $90 $110 Aug. 25th, 2018 Close: Sept. 14th, 2018
$50 $35 Aug. 25th, 2018 Close: Oct. 8th, 2018

Packet Pick Up

Receive your race packet containing bib number, reusable cup, food items, shirts, and club information at the following times and locations. Packet pickup for the Trilogy and individual 50k/50m/HM will begin at 4:30 pm Thursday at the main yurt. Packet pickup for the individual 50M/HM races may also be picked up on the evening before the race and for the HM beginning at 7:00 am race day. Participants receive different shirts depending on the race in which that register.

Packet Pickup
Location Date / Time
Main Yurt Thursday
4:30 pm
Main Yurt Friday / Saturday evening
Main Yurt Sunday
7:30 am


Race Clothing
Trilogy Patagonia Midweight Capilene zip-neck shirt.
Run For The Hills Half Marathon cotton t-shirt.
50k Patagonia long sleeve silkweight shirt.
50M Patagonia Lightweight Capilene long sleeve crew shirt
Half Marathon & 5k Cotton t-shirt.

Start Times

Participants must attend a pre-race meeting following dinner at 7:00 pm on Thursday and approximately 8:30 pm on Friday

Race Start Time
50K Friday
7:00 am
50M Saturday
6:00 am
Half Marathon & 5k Sunday
9:00 am


There are time limits for the 50k and 50 mile races as well as aid station cutoffs. The 50k has an overall time limit of 10.5 hours. The 50M has an overall time limit of 14 hours. Pacers are not permitted for any of the races. Pets may not accompany race participants.

50k Cutoffs
Location Time
Aid # 3 Judy Springs
(16.9 miles)
12:30 pm
(5 hours, 30 min.)
Finish Line 5:30 pm
(10 hours, 30 min.)

If you reach Aid #3 after 12:30pm, you will not complete the next 6-mile loop to #4, but you will not be pulled from the course either. You will follow the course to Aid #5 Seneca Creek and will get in a marathon for the day. Note: the 50K time limit is lenient to allow three day participants the opportunity to bridle their effort for the arduous 50M day two.


50M Cutoffs
Location Time
Aid # 3 Whites Run
(24.9 miles)
12:50 pm
(6 hours, 50 min.)
Aid # 4 Horton
(33.6 miles)
3:30 pm
(9 hours, 30 min.)
Aid # 6 Allegheny Mountain Trail
(46.2 miles)
7:10 pm
(13 hours, 10 min.)
Finish Line 8:00 pm
(14 hours)


Awards will be given to the finishers of the complete Trilogy and specific age categories. There will be daily recognition awards for the 50k and 50M first place male and female. Recognition awards are a mix of athletic gear, gift cards, and other items provided from our sponsors. Finishers of the complete Trilogy receive a special ceramic award.

Trilogy Male and Female
Category Number of Places
Overall 1st, 2nd, 3rd
40-49 1st
50-59 1st
60+ 1st
Special Awards
Finishers Award All participants who finish all three races


Run For the Hills
Half Marathon and 5k
Male and Female
Category Number of Places
Overall 1st
17 and younger 1st, 2nd, 3rd
18-29 1st, 2nd, 3rd
30-39 1st, 2nd, 3rd
40-49 1st, 2nd, 3rd
50-59 1st, 2nd, 3rd
60+ 1st, 2nd, 3rd


The WV Trilogy is a remote race located at the Spruce Knob Mountain Center. The nearest gas station and store are a 40 minute drive on Rt. 28 in Circleville, WV. You should bring with you any, and all, supplies that you may need for the weekend.

Name Information
Spruce Knob Mountain Center Tent Camping Tent camping is highly suggested due to the remote location of this race. There is no additional fee to camp. There are showers and bathrooms, and supplemental portjohns.
Spruce Knob Mountain Center Dorm Rooms A limited number of five-person dorm rooms are available on site for $15 per person per night. Contact Dave Martin to make arrangements.
Nelson Rocks They have motel style guest rooms that can accommodate up to four people. Located in Circleville, about a 30 minute drive. Nelson Rocks is offering a 20% discount to Trilogy entrants. Visit their website for reservation information.


Meals are included for participants corresponding to the race for which they register. Additional meals for participants or guests may be purchased for Thursday through Saturday dinners for $10 each, or Sunday lunch for $15.

Race Meal
Trilogy Dinner: Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
Breakfast: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
50k Dinner: Thursday.
Breakfast: Friday.
50M Dinner: Friday.
Breakfast: Saturday.
Half Marathon Dinner: Saturday, Sunday.
Breakfast: Sunday.
5k Lunch: Sunday.

Crew Access

To ensure safety and fairness for all participants, crew access is controlled.
50k Crew Access is limited to Aid #2 Bee Run (11.3 miles) and Aid #4 Seneca (27.7 miles).
50M Crew Access is limited to Aid #3 Whites Run (24.9 miles) and Aid #4 Horton (33.6 miles).
Half Marathon Crew Access is limited to Aid Station #1 Big Run (5.5 miles) only.

Additional Information

Join the conversation on the race and track your training with WV Trilogy Strava club.

In an effort to reduce waste we create during this event the 50k and 50M races are “cupless”. We have invested in collapsible cups that you will receive at packet pickup to use. If you have one from a previous year please bring it with you.

Sorry, but there are no pets allowed at the Spruce Knob Mountain Center.

Crew access will be limited to the aid stations outlined in the Course Description page. For the safety and consideration of all participants, other aid stations or roads that runners will be on are closed to crew and vehicles. Crew driving directions can be found on the Directions page.


We are always looking for volunteers to assist at our races. If you are interested, please read the list of volunteer role descriptions on the Volunteer Page and click below to volunteer at the WV Trilogy!


We would like to thank the following sponsors for assistance in producing this amazing race!